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Why Am I Always Tired?

If you’re regularly feeling lethargic, low on energy, and struggle to maintain focus, there’s a few factors that can be causing this.

Important - Make you’re getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night, on a regular consistent schedule. This is fundamental, and without this the following tips will be like putting a plaster on a broken arm.


If you’re regularly getting your 7-9 hours sleep per night but still flagging throughout the day, then it’s probably time to look towards other contributing factors.⠀

Here are ten things to pay attention to in order to reduce tiredness :⠀

1️⃣ Drink more water - Dehydration slows your mind and body down and makes you sluggish.

2️⃣ Cut back the caffeine - It can stay in your system for up to 12 hours (coffee, tea, soft drinks) even when you think you’re “unaffected”.

3️⃣ Switch off screens an hour before bed and do activities to relax and unwind instead.

4️⃣ Eat a varied diet filled with colourful fruit and vegetables and healthy fats such as nuts and seeds to ensure you’re not missing out on important nutrients your body needs to operate.⠀

5️⃣ Make sure you’re eating enough food to fuel your lifestyle. Don’t over restrict, ignore your hunger cues, or follow on and off fad diets that change your eating habits too frequently.

6️⃣ Take time to yourself in a morning to stretch, meditate or enjoy fresh air by being outside. A stress-free start makes a huge difference to your whole day and keeps you alert for longer.

7️⃣ Move more - Exercise wakes you up, keeps you alert, gets your internal systems firing and increases energy levels for hours after.⠀

8️⃣ Use breaks in your day for rejuvenating fresh air, upbeat music, or relaxing activities; rather than inactivity, snacks and social media.⠀

9️⃣ Improve your sleep environment. Make sure your room is completely dark and silent (you might need a mask or earplugs), and cool in temperature for the best sleep possible.⠀

🔟 Have a consistent bedtime and alarm. Try and keep every day of the week within a 30 minute range at most to avoid fluctuations that disrupt your body clock.


We all tend to overlook a few of these things from time to time and underestimate the impact they can have.

How many do you think you can do better with?

Focus on two or three of these per week and watch your energy improve within days!

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5 commentaires

Membre inconnu
12 juil. 2022

I struggle with my sleep routine. I don’t turn of all technology until 5 minutes before I go to sleep.

Membre inconnu
12 juil. 2022
En réponse à

Yes. I will set that as a goal for myself. Probably that is the reason why I have been feeling the way I am.


Membre inconnu
10 juil. 2022

I only get 2 hours sleep per day. The reason why I cannot sleep is because I worry too much and I feel anxious.

Membre inconnu
11 juil. 2022
En réponse à

Poor sleep has a huge effect on anxiety. The brain needs to rest and reset, and without change to do so it will be functioning with stress. What things are you doing to improve your sleeping habits? Do you have all technology turned off through sun down hours, a cool and dark sleep environment and a schedule set?

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