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I'd like your input!

My booking and app system now has a built in "loyalty" programme that I can create which will reward you points for certain activities/bookings/amount spent, which can be redeemed as discounts of free sessions.

At the moment my own class and training blocks factor in a discount as the bigger the block the greater the discount. (ie. PT sessions are £25 each, but £20 in blocks. Classes are £6 each but as little as £5 in the blocks)

My question is, which system would you prefer going forwards?

• A new rewards system with points for bookings and amount spent, which are redeemed as discounts for what you choose to use them for? Interchangeable between classes, PT sessions, meal plans, online plans etc... (This means the more you do, the more discounts and freebies you get)

• Keep it as it currently is where the discount is in the blocks (Discount is then accessible to eveyone from their first booking BUT only to those who can afford big blocks upfront)

How would you prefer discounts?

  • 0%New app-wide loyalty programme

  • 0%Keep it as it is (discounted blocks)


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