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We are misunderstood 😔 There are so many people whose health, happiness and lives could be transformed by attending some of our sessions, but the suggestion has them turn their nose up and say that they “don’t like fitness classes”.

They don’t like fitness classes because of a past experience of an instructor turning up late, making it up as they go along, chatting more than the coaching, and not offering what was advertised, and so on…

We’re really trying to separate Evolve Studios from the generic fitness class reputation. You’ll notice on our social media that we are referring to “group training” more than “classes” now in hope people will see that we are not the same market as a village hall keep-fit social club. That does have its place, but that’s not our position in the market.

We would be extremely grateful if you could help us with this mission to change the common perceptions of group fitness, by sharing your experience with your friends and peers.

Social check ins, shares and reviews go along way, but so does your real life in-person recommendation as many people are not regularly on social media. Letting people know what Evolve Studios is all about and differentiating “classes” from “group training” may help us set our place in the fitness space to attract those who’s lives would be changed by dropping their perceptions and giving a session a chance.

If you’d like to invite a friend, then note that referring earns you 500 points (that we manually add). However, if you want to incentivise a friend to join you, you can opt for us to send the 500 points to them, gifting them your £5 off to help them take the first step.

We really hope you understand our mission at Evolve Studios, and what we have planned. Studio 2 is our next big step, offering something that will be a first for Skegness, that we hope to be ready by September. Of course, renovations and equipment requires funds to become a reality, so this can take time and we thank you all for your bookings that allow us to develop. We really hope you will enjoy what you’re allowing us to create based on your requests and feedback.

Thank you for reading this message. You all know my heart is on my sleeve and I am comfortable with transparency. As Evolve has been built by you I never feel shy to share details.

Let’s help change the perceptions of “fitness classes” and make a difference.

See you at your next training session! 🏋🏼🤸🏼‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️

Janet Tucker
Sharon Seabrook


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