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New System coming into place ⭐️

There's a new loyalty/points feature available and I am currently testing out ways to implement it.

If you get any app notifications about points and such, please ignore for now 😃

You'll be able to earn points and be awarded points in various ways, and use them to redeem against classes, packages and other services.

I plan to implement points rewards for things such as:

• X points per certain amount spent

• Reaching a total milestone number of sessions booked (5/10/50/100 etc)

• Referring a friend to attend a class

• Leaving Facebook/Google reviews

• Trying a brand new class in its first month of launch

• Reaching 6 month/1 year milestones of attendance

The list goes on!

At the moment I am figuring out how to structure pricing blocks so that the value is as similar as possible - Block prices will appear higher, but the points you receive for the purchase will equal the discount.

Why the change?

This system will allow everyone equal access to discounts for repeated attendance, and not just those who can afford a higher upfront cost for the big blocks for bigger savings. Those who pay as they go week to week, will accrue the same points to receive equal discount that those who spend upfront 😊

I hope this all makes sense?

Please bear with me whilst I play around with this. If anything's looks "off" at any point in the upcoming weeks, please send me screenshots and let me know! 🙏🏼

Donna Burdock


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