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14 Day Food Diary | Learn Your Eating Habits

  • 14Days
  • 29Steps


The fourteen-day Food Diary is the most important step of getting your nutrition right once and for all. You will receive an app notification each day to record your meals and snacks of that day. You MUST be honest in your responses in order for this data to be useful to us. I always aim to alter peoples diets with as little change as possible to what is coming naturally to them, so don't try to eat "better" to impress me, or eat all the things you THINK i'll make your cut out "whilst you can" (because I won't make you cut out anything, I promise). Please report honestly for 14 days, and I'll then review at the end and help you with some dietary changes that are simple and effective based on your preferences and current habits.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app




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