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My scheduled annual leave will begin next week, from Thursday 21st September to Saturday 30th Septemebr.

When I return on October 1st we will begin the final 12 weeks of the year! 😬

I encourage everyone to book sessions for the next 7 days to get some training in on my final week, and also plan some activities for the period I'm away - book ahead onto classes such as Spin with Chris to keep moving! 🚴🏼‍♂️

My regular schedule of leave will continue as the final week of March, the final week of June, the final week of September (my birthday 🙌🏼) and the final week of December.

That gives us 12 weeks of training followed by 1 weeks rest, all year round 😊

Get ready for our fourth quarter 💪🏽

Let's finish this one strong!


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