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A quick THANK YOU to eveyone for being so understanding and wishing me well during this emergency sick leave 🤍

My instruction is to REST as I have torn a muscle in my abdomen between my ribs and I must allow it to reattach. The pain is excruciating and has a long healing time BUT personal training sessions as continuing this week and classes will be back from next week but with some adaptions for myself.

I do feel awful for interrupting your training but I do want to assure you thag you neededny worry about it exiting credits as I shall find a way to extend by two weeks so thag you don't miss out. I'm also working on creating a little something for you all as a thank you for your patience ☺️

I really hope you're all keeping active and attending the gym or classes without me. Evolve has Spin, Boxercise, Yoga, Curcuits Moment, and Deep Stretch going ahead weekly for you.

See you all before very long 🩶

Unknown member
Jul 25, 2023

Hi hope your ok! Can I book onto these using my credits from your classes or not? Xx



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