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Happy Sunday (Rest Day!)

This morning I'm working on creating a brand new Evolve Website and giving the app an update to make it more user friendly, and easier to book and access extra info!

On the website I'm incorporating your lovely reviews and also quoting your comments on classes into the class descriptions so new clients don't just have to take my word for it. I'm taking your words from the published Facebook and Google reviews so they can be looked up to see authenticity.

If you've not yet left a review I'd love to see more of your recommendations so new clients can see your experience.

You can do so on Facebook here:

or on Google here:,0.3265489,16z

Eveyone who has left a review receives a little gift of gratitude in their inbox 🫶🏼

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Jan 21

Some features and buttons may shift around whilst I do updates today, and you may head to the site/app in the middle of some changes.

Please let me know if you need help or can’t find something 😊



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