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Sabby, your BodyCombat™ and GRIT™ instructor has now opened his diary for Personal Training! 💪🏽

Sabby is available for both one-off training sessions or training blocks to see you through to achieving a goal, at Elite Fit Skegness (across the road from Evolve Studios).

Get in touch with Sabby by messaging via this app, or to his email address below if you’re interested in a 1-to-1 training session to boost your progress, practice form and technique, teach a specific goal or have a guided intro to the gym to build confidence. Memberships are not required as day passes are available.

Sabby is nearing completion of his Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification and is already receiving great feedback from clients, and is now able to grow his client base! 💪🏽

Get in touch if you’d like to arrange a chat! 💬

Amy Williams


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