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Use the code WINTER-RESET for 50% off Pound Unplugged.

The colder and darker nights are coming up and many of us struggle with S.A.D or "the winter blues". It's important to keep your body moving and work up a sweat to reap the endorphins of exercise, and also spend time to be mindful and reset to keep the mind strong.

Pound® Unplugged is the workout designed for your mental health. 20 minutes of high energy, stress releasing ROCK, and 10 minutes of releasing rhythmic breathwork and RESET.

We move, we sweat, scream, we soothe, we wind down, relax and rebalance.

Pound Unplugged is a mind, body and soul fitness experience like no other.

Use the code WINTER-RESET for 50% off Pound Unplugged to combat the winter blues. Valid until 31/12/23.


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